Three Time-Saving Tools to Simplify Social Media

As any entrepreneur knows, time is a precious commodity. So, can the time-bandit referred to as social media be tamed? I say, yes. It’s just a matter of embracing the correct technologies. Listed below are three must-have tools to execute an effective social-media strategy in only a quarter-hour a day.

1. Make YOUR TIME AND EFFORT Count: Flowtown In the event that you had just 5 minutes to spend on social media, who you get in touch with? How would you share your message? Enter: Flowtown. This power-packed tool digs through the info in your network and hand-delivers a goldmine.

Enter your e-mail contact list and Flowtown aggregates social-media profile information from your own e-mail subscriber list, identifies which members of your audience are believed influencers by their reach and degree of engagement, and then lets you engage those influencers by sending targeted invitations to become listed on you on internet sites. Rather than wasting time chasing all 20,000 of friends and family, followers and connections, now you can spend those precious 5 minutes engaging powerful trendsetters in your network who’ve already expressed interest in your brand.

2. Keep It Simple Silly (KISS): Postling While I could continue all night highlighting tools for every network, it does bit more than point out the most obvious flaw with social media — it’s cumbersome and frustrating. Follow the KISS philosophy and add Postling to your arsenal. This posting dynamo lets you update your status on Facebook, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Twitter and Flickr — all at one time. You can even add blog entries from the same user-friendly dashboard. A lot more impressive is Postling’s cross-posting capabilities. Track RSS feeds, Yelp reviews and CitySearch reviews, then easily update your Facebook page and other social-media streams. Send and schedule updates, monitor your streams and track keywords all in one simple dashboard in only ten minutes a day. 3. Let Your Audience Do the task: Wibiya Wibiya is a free of charge customizable social-media toolbar that helps solve two common issues with social media: First, which online platform serves as your house base for addressing your web audience? Your house (blog), the weekend BBQ (Facebook) or happy hour (Twitter)? Secondly, how can you stay active in social media without having to be glued to the net? Wibiya answers those questions by creating a straightforward toolbar which you can use on any blog platform. The toolbar allows people to your site to retweet your tweets, "like" your Facebook page, watch your YouTube videos, Digg your articles, speak to other visitors and even donate money to a PayPal account – all without ever leaving your page. New applications are being added regularly, rendering it a robust time-saving tool. Trust these social-media tools and you will soon realize that quarter-hour of working smarter beats hours of working significantly harder each and every time. Guest blogger Heather Schuck may be the founder and ceo of Glamajama, a trendy baby-clothes company located in Austin, Texas. Connect to her: [email protected], Facebook, and Twitter.

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