How Matt McCall stopped doing work for ‘The Man’ and created a company targeted at helping other smaller businesses get funding.

In this ongoing series, we are sharing advice, tips and insights from real entrepreneurs who are out there conducting business battle every day. (Answers have already been edited and condensed for clarity.)

Who are you and what’s your business?

I am Matt McCall, I’ve started 3 businesses within the last 13 years. My latest venture, CrowdVest, can be an equity crowdfunding platform which allows small businesses to improve money from the crowd, and at exactly the same time, allows the crowd the opportunity to take ownership in the firms into the future.

If the career you envision for yourself doesn’t absolutely need a degree to be looked at, you fall into that murky “this will depend” area. There’s no denying that whenever you have zero experience, a degree will probably help you have a bit more clout.

Selecting the right College or No College: A Real-Life Analysis

When it’s you (degree-less) and 100 other folks applying to be the brand new theater assistant director at at the very top private school, the 30 people who have undergraduate degrees in theater are likely to move to the most notable of the list. The three with advanced degrees in theater will receive a special spot at the very top.

A new consider the classic question of whether you are cut out to be a business owner

Self-employment gurus Paul and Sarah Edwards did it again. Their latest book, Why Aren’t You Your Own Boss? Leaping Over the Obstacles That Stand Between You as well as your Dream , written with Peter Economy, was created to help wannabe entrepreneurs look deep within themselves and find out if they’ve got what must be done to start out and run their own businesses.

Q: Must a business owner create a disruptive technology to be able to succeed?

A: Having a disruptive technology that sets you in addition to the competition certainly doesn’t hurt, nonetheless it doesn’t indicate you will succeed – and it’s definately not being the only way to success. In the end, how often do we run into truly disruptive technology?

If you ask me working with entrepreneurs worldwide, the successful ones are those that know their customers and needs well and create services or products that address what their customers want in a distinctive way.

Startups fail at the rate of 90 percent. That’s sort of scary, in the event that you ask me.

3 Mental Strategies THAT MAY Get You Past a Business Failure Fast

I count myself fortunate to become a survivor of startup failure, but my survival was touch-and-go the first few times. And my startup adventures were turbulent — a number of starts, failures and mistakes.

Today, I’ve several multi-million dollar businesses in my own trophy case, yet I still make my share of mistakes.

Non-compete agreements are under fire lately, raising several questions about whether they go too much in restricting employees. The Massachusetts Senate advanced a bill in July that could limit the period of time of a non-compete agreement to just 90 days. The bill also redefined “garden leave,” meaning the practice where a worker leaving employment is directed to remain away from work through the notice period, while still remaining on the payroll.

How exactly to Draft a Non-Compete Agreement That’s Actually Enforceable

Starting a business is similar to creating a boat from scratch and setting sail. If you don’t build boats for a full time income, expect things to fail rapidly.

THE MAIN ONE Basic Skill Every Startup CEO Needs

To keep the metaphor: The problem with many would-be entrepreneurs is that they only have experience on the open water. They understand how to sail, navigate and survive at sea. They’re sailors, however they don’t have the abilities to build their ship. They just have sailing skills.

Did you know the professional service sector is America’s largest employer (after government)? This sector, which include architects, consultants, engineers and lawyers, is driving the growth of the U.S. economy.

The professional services field might comprise 1 in 8 jobs, nonetheless it has generated almost 1 in 3 jobs this season. While some of the professionals bill for time and materials and others earn revenue through fixed-price contracts, their biggest cost (47 percent typically, according to Census data) is their workers.

In terms of sales, most salespeople and entrepreneurs think about the task as you they can easily breakdown to its basic components: You meet people, you present your products and/or services; and, if they’re interested, they’ll obtain you.

How I Made $24,000 in four weeks of Cold Calling

Due to this fact, a lot of people train themselves to be better salespeople by perfecting their approach, repeating the same opening lines with every client and essentially turning themselves into sales robots.

Even though many executives will rightfully declare that they understand the advantages of a great brand, the larger test is how well they defend it when things fail.

Take Target’s recent credit card security breach that potentially compromised as much as 70 million customers who, until that point, expected the national retailer to safeguard their identities. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time — through the holiday shopping season — and can likely cost them in the tens if not vast sums of dollars in lawsuit settlements, penalties and lost revenues.