IF YOU WISH Great Results, You should be Committed

In the overall game of life, I’ve never known anyone who achieved great success simply by being thinking about what they do. The street to success is full of people who are thinking about achieving something, nonetheless it takes a lot more than interest, and even passion, it requires commitment to be great at something.

This idea of interest vs. commitment is something I tell my sons regularly. At their ages, 13 and 11, this life lesson is easily illustrated through sports. My oldest son has played just about any sport imaginable and has been thinking about every one of them. Guess whose money and time have been allocated to his interests?

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After many speeches about the difference between being interested and being committed, he now realizes that I am not purchasing yet another football, basketball, baseball or lacrosse stick easily don’t visit a commitment to the activity. I now see him practicing a bit more than he was just half a year ago! He is beginning to understand the difference and start to see the direct correlation between his commitment to apply and the newfound success in his athletic life.

This idea translates to every area of life, especially business. As a CEO it really is my responsibility to create expectations for our company and show my commitment to those expectations. I suspect there isn’t an individual employee at our company who doubts my daily commitment to the business or to my very own development and success. I expect the same from each employee who joins our company.

When evaluating employees, you have to see commitment within their actions and not simply hear a couple of words about how exactly great they would like to be and what they would like to accomplish. Talk doesn’t complete the job.

From a sales perspective, for those who have a team of individuals who want in achieving success or hitting their quota, trust that you’ll end up investing lots of time and money for little return. In the event that you spend money on developing and helping committed individuals become great at their craft, you’ll surely visit a positive yield from that investment.

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Everyone has tough days, and you will have days when leaders in the business should challenge personnel to be committed. How will you accomplish this? Discover what drives and motivates the associates, either personally or professionally. Inquire further about their goals, what areas of the work they like or find challenging, where they would like to be professionally and even financially over a six to 18 month period.

Keep these conversations limited to timeframes that are realistic. Speaking with people about five years later on is hard to allow them to obtain head around, specifically for young people who are used to instant gratification. People want success now, and few are prepared to be patient. However, when you can find those people who are committed, you might help them build momentum and ultimately achieve great things for themselves, for you personally, and ultimately, for the business.

Creating a team or a company is no easy task, and in the event that you don’t now have committed individuals on your own team, rethink your strategy and make the required changes. It truly is that simple. To get a great organization or an excellent team, you will need the buy-in and commitment of these on the team. Moreover, you as the first choice will need to have an unwavering commitment to the success of yourself and the ones on your own team.

Good leadership is invaluable to one’s career trajectory. All too often, people give half-hearted effort, resulting in mediocre results. Success in anything is rarely accidental — ask any successful individual and I bet they might tell you there is absolutely no such thing as luck. Luck is established, and it starts and stops with commitment, not interest.

Invest in being successful or prepare yourself to be passed by those people who are.

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