If you prefer a Better Outcome, Take Better Actions

It’s great to have aspirations, but it’s essential to take great actions. If you wish to have an improved outcome in a few area of life or business, do you know what? You will need to hold yourself accountable to take greater actions.

As Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems utilizing the same sort of thinking we used whenever we created them.”

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Rather than focusing solely on wishing for an improved outcome, concentrate your time and efforts on a plan when planning on taking better actions. Listed below are three ways to achieve that.

1. Change how you react to situations. Possibly the most powerful thing that can be done as a business owner is deciding here and today that you are in charge of yourself. Your past isn’t in charge of you. Events aren’t in charge of you. Only you can claim total responsibility for everything you choose to accomplish.

By changing how you look at and approach situations, you’ll already maintain a better place when planning on taking action. You can opt to choose an empowering action.

Jack Canfield, the writer and business force behind the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, has said, “You merely have control over three things in your daily life — the thoughts you imagine, the images you visualize and the actions you take. How you utilize these three things determines all you experience.”

When something bad happens, you can view it as bad and make it worse with poor actions or inaction. Conversely, you can choose to see what has to be done to start out transforming something bad right into a new opportunity. You will have a choice.

2. Stop saying "should." When the term "should" starts to pop-up in your vocabulary — look out. Treat it such as a siren and stop when you hear yourself say it. It’s likely that good that something is either going astray or is going to go astray.

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Each time you say "should," you’re either saying it about a thing that has to be done but you’re copping out of, or you’re saying it about someone else’s behavior or external events, in which particular case you’re making another person in charge of you.

“I will visit the gym, but I’m too tired.” Red flag. You are skipping the fitness center and giving yourself a justification to not have a better action which will lead to an improved outcome, in cases like this, an improved, healthier you.

“He ought to be here and begin handling more work.” Again, you’re not taking an empowered action. You’re complaining about someone’s behavior and making them in charge of your poor outcome. If you’re right plus they do have to be working more, you will need to talk to the individual about what’s excepted of these, not complaining about the behavior he ought to be exhibiting.

Shoulds are how you know you aren’t taking accountability.

3. Concentrate on your mission. What’s the drive behind all you do? Not only in entrepreneurship, however in life? Why are you here?

Ever observe that the entrepreneurs who make it will be the ones who are deeply passionate about their mission in life? You take better action when you’re clear about your mission. Focusing just on action doesn’t necessarily cause you to a positive outcome — it might just lead you in circles spinning your wheels.

Be clear about why you do everything you do and the actions you take can be incredibly powerful. It creates life clearer. It creates actions more direct and although no less difficult, in a few strange way they seem easier because you are centered on the mission.

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