How AI Is Driving Marketing Automation

AI is consolidating the countless tools we use to create and manage customer experiences.

Marketing automation is a rapidly growing industry set to expand by 8.55 percent this season, increasing market capitalization to $5.5 billion by 2019. Given the huge benefits, it’s unsurprising that over fifty percent of companies use some type of marketing automation already.

As the industry grows within the next year, we can be prepared to see some particular trends in how marketing automation utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to raised target customers. AI has already been trusted in marketing automation, for a few very compelling reasons. Here’s a glance at the most famous use cases.

AI allows marketers to activate clients who match their existing customer profiles better. Customers’ interests, buying habits, and past interactions could be combined to provide sales teams a vast pool of data to investigate and filter right down to likely targets. This enables marketing to become more efficient and enables companies to build highly-targeted content.

E-mail marketing, ad content, social media and seo all take advantage of the intelligent analysis of customer data that could not be possible without the processing power of AI.

A straight bigger challenge than finding customers is keeping them. Customer retention may be the basis of each company’s success, so continuing to supply value and relevant content is key.

AI enables companies to stay up-to-date with reduced input, bringing customers tailored content, personalized recommendations, and providing one-on-one human-like advice about chatbots and virtual assistants.

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Chatbots certainly are a vital tool in increasing efficiency while decreasing overhead costs. A chatbot may use personalized information for every customer it speaks to, and can provide real-time, valuable assistance or service in a targeted and friendly manner.

AI allows this upsurge in efficiency while enhancing user experience through personalization and timeliness. Nearly all individuals are now familiar and comfortable getting together with chatbots.

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A growing number of companies are being attracted to marketing automation, and because they are, they help define the important developments in the market. 2019 promises to be a thrilling year of growth for AI in marketing.

Trend 1: Voice and visual searches

Organic search opportunities continue being very lucrative for companies. Slightly over fifty percent of product searches currently originate on Amazon, but you will find a growing trend in voice and visual searches using IoT devices.

A growing number of devices have smart speakers; 55.5 percent of customers owning such a device utilize it to find products vocally, and 44.2 percent utilize it to get. Savvy marketers are actually concentrating on generating content to fully capture voice searches to unlock this expanding market.

Visual searches are also increasing as the technology in it improves. Facial recognition reaches the end of the iceberg. Reverse image lookup is another related and emerging technology that’s sure to grow rapidly within the next year.

Whether it’s through personalization, automation or chatbots, customers expect an extremely advanced of service. Tailored content is currently so widely available that it’s becoming typical, and companies not using ML and AI to provide unique messaging to each consumer are suffering.

The glad tidings are that using this technology isn’t limited by brands with a big budget. Any business can deploy automated marketing campaigns predicated on AI to improve their customer’s experience.

Predictive lead scoring uses factors such as for example demographics, social information, online posts and behavioral data to investigate potential leads and assign them a score to predict if the lead is qualified or not.

This enormously enhances the efficiency of to generate leads and allows marketers to create and deliver content directed at the right people. Lengthy efforts to recognize and tier leads is now able to be completely automated.

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Many people now use a number of devices throughout their day, and the lines between several types of marketing are starting to blur.

To the client, the distinctions are meaningless, however the key is integration. Companies have to provide a seamless experience between devices and across multiple channels in order that their customers are well catered to therefore that opportunities aren’t missed.

The big most retailers — 87 percent — declare that having an omnichannel strategy is crucial or very vital that you their success. AI is increasingly crucial to this effort since it allows companies to make use of all their customers’ data whatever the source and to supply the same degree of customization and service across all platforms their customers use. Without AI, the workload to do this is prohibitive.

The many possibilities that AI offers don’t need to be overwhelming. As AI continues to build up and integrate in to the world of marketing automation, marketers will see it increasingly better to consolidate the countless marketing tools they use to create and manage customer experiences.

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