Concentrate on adding specific elements to your daily life that won’t only enable you to get positive and permanent results, but are also enjoyable in and of themselves.

Every year an incredible number of us make resolutions, and every year it’s challenging to keep them. Change is difficult. Promises that begin as hopeful glimmers amid crackling New Year’s fireworks later smolder, morphing into arduous tasks on an already long list.

Imagine if this season you try something new? Imagine if you concentrate on adding specific elements to your daily life that not only enable you to get positive and permanent results, but are also enjoyable in and of themselves?

In his publication Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business, author Ted Prodromou describes how exactly to better to leverage the networking site as a business tool. The initial step, the writer notes in this edited excerpt, is to determine your objectives for joining and utilizing LinkedIn.

Why did you join LinkedIn? Did your friend invite you when she registered? You may have find out about LinkedIn in The Wall Street Journal, your neighborhood newspaper or a magazine or on someone’s blog. Or possibly your colleagues registered and told you to join up too.

When Willie Degel set his mind on success, he stopped at nothing to create it happen.

In this ongoing series, we are sharing advice, tips and insights from real entrepreneurs who are out there doing battle day in and day trip. (Answers have already been edited and condensed for clarity.)

Who are you and what’s your business?

I’m Willie Degel, founder and CEO of the brand new York-based Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse chain, that i started twenty years ago with an individual location.

Humanity has come quite a distance in teaching technology how exactly to appear more human. Now, technology is teaching itself.

With the rise of the artificial neural network, which mirrors the interconnected nodes of the mind, artificial intelligence is preparing to graduate to a fresh level.

Artificial neural networks (ANN) are programmed to be cognizant of patterns. ANN can read human speech and synthesize the usage of specific words to recognize subtle meanings in human communication. The implications are particularly impressive once processing speed is considered.

According to Forrester, 20 percent of marketers’ budgets has been wasted on fake traffic.

Given the web advertising boom in the current digital age, businesses should try to learn to allocate their marketing dollars wisely. Unfortunately, there’s a big challenge to meeting that goal: Advertising fraud and lackluster email address details are rife in the digital ad space.

Telltale Signs You Have an Ad Fraud Problem

As a business proprietor, digital manager and entrepreneur, you’ve likely already experienced these issues, via paid Instagram ads that didn’t achieve their intended results, or paid services like Google Adwords that had no conversions. In order to avoid such outcomes, it is advisable to ensure that your ads stick out and you are spending your hard earned money on actual results — not bot traffic.

AI is consolidating the countless tools we use to create and manage customer experiences.

Marketing automation is a rapidly growing industry set to expand by 8.55 percent this season, increasing market capitalization to $5.5 billion by 2019. Given the huge benefits, it’s unsurprising that over fifty percent of companies use some type of marketing automation already.

As the industry grows within the next year, we can be prepared to see some particular trends in how marketing automation utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to raised target customers. AI has already been trusted in marketing automation, for a few very compelling reasons. Here’s a glance at the most famous use cases.

Companies have already been reeling from Google’s one-two punch this past year in changing just how it ranks searches online. The glad tidings are that we now have effective methods to optimize your web content to help make the best of the changes.

First, Google unveiled "Panda," a significant change to its search algorithm that puts an increased priority on what it considers high-quality content. The search giant updated its algorithm again in November, giving greater priority to "fresh" content that it finds most highly relevant to recent events and timely topics. The explanation: People seeking information on the most recent news and events will probably want the most up-to-date content possible.

Perhaps there is a keen mind for inventing–but very little of a head for business. Or possibly you’re proficient at both, but you’d like to focus your time and effort on developing ideas instead of launching a full-scale business. Fortunately, there’s a choice that suits your preferences perfectly: licensing your invention idea. Licensing is merely the procedure of selling your idea to a company that’ll develop it fully, dealing with all of the business-related tasks that launching a fresh product involves. Licensing may also be a great option for all those whose financial resources have become limited.

As any entrepreneur knows, time is a precious commodity. So, can the time-bandit referred to as social media be tamed? I say, yes. It’s just a matter of embracing the correct technologies. Listed below are three must-have tools to execute an effective social-media strategy in only a quarter-hour a day.

1. Make YOUR TIME AND EFFORT Count: Flowtown In the event that you had just 5 minutes to spend on social media, who you get in touch with? How would you share your message? Enter: Flowtown. This power-packed tool digs through the info in your network and hand-delivers a goldmine.

Machine learning is proving to be powerful for brands and marketers alike. Here’s how.

We’ve entered a time where marketers are being bombarded by volumes of data about consumer preferences. Theoretically, all this information should make grouping users and creating relevant content easier, but that isn’t always the case. Generally, the more data put into a marketer’s workflow, the additional time required to seem sensible of the info and do something.

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. The technology equips computers with the capability to investigate and interpret data to proffer accurate predictions with no need for explicit programming. As more data is fed in to the algorithm, the more the algorithm learns, theoretically, to become more accurate and perform better. If marketers be prepared to create more meaningful campaigns with target audiences and boost engagement, integrating machine learning could possibly be the tool to unveil hidden patterns and actionable tactics saved in those heaping levels of big data .