3 Practical Methods to CONNECT TO Millionaires

In the last almost a year, after starting my podcast, Career Savvy Fed, I’ve had the privilege to getting to learn several millionaires.

One millionaire, David Hornik, is a venture capitalist I found know after reading Adam Grant’s book Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success. Hornik explained in the book how he’s a giver and endeavors to greatly help startups in search of funding. I didn’t know Hornik but was intrigued by his story, therefore i visited his website, found his email and sent an email. To my surprise, his wonderful secretary create an interview. In a few days, I was talking with a millionaire. It’s really that easy.

Learning millionaires isn’t nearly as hard as some individuals might think. Listed below are three ways that will help you do so:

How to be a Millionaire by Age 30

The purpose of my podcast is to greatly help federal employees together with others become inspired by hearing entrepreneurs’ tales. After hearing a tale of someone else, people may conclude that if another person could do it, they are able to, too.

Interviewing millionaires is a fantastic way for connecting with them and become familiar with them. It’s a win-win situation because you give a platform to allow them to gain exposure when you and your audience reap the benefits of their knowledge.

Tip: Millionaires are busy. If you keep these things spare only 10 or a quarter-hour, they’ll be more ready to say yes.

So here’s what I did so and you could do the same:

Interact with millionaires on LinkedIn. Send a request asking to interview someone for a podcast or blog. Survey the individuals website, send a contact and request an instant interview.

In the event that you haven’t found out about Clarity.fm, take a look immediately. This web site lets users purchase time with the millionaires they would like to know. If you’ve wished to speak to Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, that you can do it through this web site. You will be charged just $166.67 one minute.

Tip: If you are an authority within an industry, consider having a Clarity.fm listing so as to earn money as a specialist and gain more brand recognition.

Once more here’s you skill:

Visit Clarity.fm and determine if a specialist desired for an interview is listed. Schedule the decision, connect, talk and pay. Charges are assessed by when.

A FRESH Model for Results-Driven Networking

One method to meet millionaires involves meeting face-to-face. A lot of people attend conferences exclusively for the information, but those people who are strategic know the ultimate way to leverage enough time there is to create contacts.

I attended a writer’s conference a couple of years back and ensured I got eventually to know everyone associated with putting on the function. I even took an image with each individual individually. Later I could parlay those connections into paid writing assignments.

Therefore the next time you visit a conference, make a summary of everyone you need to connect to. Next year l’ll be attending SOCIAL MEDIA World. My goal is to interact with thought leaders therefore i can form relationships, do interviews and bring more recognition to certain individual’s products and programs. Everyone who’s anybody in the social media space will be there. It’s a terrific way to meet millionaires and others.

Tip: At conferences I love to execute a mini-interview with someone I curently have in mind. An excellent device to continue hand may be the Rode smartLav and Lavalier microphone for iPhones.

Here’s you skill:

Identify several people you intend to meet at a meeting. Interact with them through LinkedIn or another social media site a couple of months ahead of establish rapport. When possible, see if a pal already knows they and get introduced that way.

So there you own it. Start connecting with millionaires today.

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