3 Powerful Tools WE ARE ABLE TO Use OF THESE Changing Times

We’ve within us the energy to combat fear and uncertainty.

I’m here to share three very powerful tools on the market to help us complete these changing times. The first tool that people have in this three-dimensional world is the body. The second tool that people have is our mind (our ego). And the 3rd, which is the most effective tool that people have, is our heart. That’s our soul.

How do we use these three tools to really have the best experience possible in this life, especially of these challenging times like at this time? Let’s proceed through them.

Your body is here to greatly help us experience things that people would not manage to experience with no a body. Your body we can hold hands with people, we can grab things such as an inspiring book or it remote to watch an incredible movie. It we can enter beautiful emails to family members. It we can, despite the fact that we’re still in the home, walk, exercise and move. It we can feel and experience things. Therefore it’s up to us to select if we will experience pain or if we will experience amazing feelings and emotions through the body. So let’s put it at use towards those beautiful things that people would not have the ability to experience with out a body.

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We have a tendency to permit the mind or the ego to manage things. However, the soul, the heart ought to be in command. Your brain is just here to comprehend what the soul says. Pay attention and pay attention to what the soul says and execute rationally in the three-dimensional world what the soul is commanding.

How would you know whether it’s your soul commanding or your ego or mind commanding? It’s pretty simple. You must consider the question, am I acting from a location of fear or am I acting from a location of love? If you are acting from a location of fear, you’ll know immediately. And so instead you should observe and you will need to identify what worries behind is? Go deep down, find and dissolve that pattern. Not merely do you need to do that, nevertheless, you also have to consider the question: EASILY was acting from a location of love, what would I really do at this time?

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And ensure that you’re always executing things through your brain from a location of love, of certainty, of truth, of powerful, limitless, infinite possibility. Again, don’t let your ego confuse you. You are in charge. By you, After all your consciousness, your soul, which is your infinite you. Not your three-dimensional you that may go away whenever we all die. I’m discussing the infinite you, which is your soul.

You can access the soul through connecting to your heart. If you are linked to your heart, you’re linked to your soul, you’re linked to the source, you’re linked to your infinite power, you’re linked to your higher self, you’re linked to God, the Universe, or whatever you might like to call it. It is important that people use that tool. Now it’s difficult when there’s so much outer noise, right? So much outer fear and confusion. You should truly learn to ignore completely that outer confusion noise and voice and discover that inner voice instead. Hook up to your inner voice so when you are connected, all you need to accomplish is ask a question and listen. You ask a question and listen. As you practice that again and again, you will receive clearer answers, quicker answers, and precise answers, that could can be found in different forms. They are able to come through visions, an inner voice, an extremely strong feeling, or just an inner knowing of how to proceed next. The four intuitive gifts that people all have.

Utilize the three tools we’ve today open to make the very best out of the living. I promise you, this is a wonderful, wonderful journey. And remember, it’s a journey, not really a destination. I am hoping this article helps and I’ll speak to you guys soon.

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